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Effective Ways To Relieve Pain In Your Hands

by Janet Burns

You use your hands on a daily basis, whether it's lifting objects or controlling the steering wheel of your car. As you get older, your hands may not be able to work like they once did. You can deal with hand soreness, though, by taking these steps:

Put Pain Relieving Gel on Your Hands

One of the easiest ways to relieve pain in your hands is to put some sort of pain relieving gel on them. This type of gel is easy to apply, and it's designed to penetrate deeply to reach muscles and joints. With regular use, you can temporarily relieve minor aches and pains in your hands.

It's a good idea to select relieving gel that is odorless. You also want gel that is greaseless, as this makes the gel more comfortable to have on your hands throughout the day. The reason why these gels are so effective is because of their special ingredients, such as rosemary, vitamin E and eucalyptus.

Seek Help from a Physiotherapist

For professional healing results, you may want to get help from a physiotherapist. This professional, like those at Physiotherapy Synergy Health, specializes in resolving your hand problems, whether it's arthritis or just chronic hand pain. These specialists can show you different hand exercises that will alleviate your pain.

One of the more effective and easier exercises to do is the finger lift. First, you are going to put one hand flat on a table. Lift your thumb off the table several inches, holding it for several seconds. Put your thumb down, and then repeat this process for every finger on both your left and right hand. Your physiotherapist can also prescribe medication, and give you hot/cold packs to alleviate hand soreness.

Wear a Flexible Hand Brace

Sometimes in order to relieve hand pain each day, you just need additional support for your fingers and hands. This is possible when you put your hands in a flexible brace.

When looking for one of these braces, it's smart to get one that is made out of perforated fabric. This fabric is breathable, so your hands will not overheat throughout the day. A lot of these braces have a thumb loop, making these braces easy to put on without hindering your range of motion.

You might also consider getting a flexible hand brace that is constructed out of soft neoprene. This material retains body heat, increasing circulation to your hands to promote healing.

Getting older may cause your hands to hurt throughout the day, which hinders your ability to use them a lot. You can deal with hand soreness in an effective manner by using flexible braces and gels, and by getting help from a physiotherapist.