Recovering from Neck Pain

  • Checking Out The Benefits Of An Unloader Brace For Arthritic Knees

    2 July 2016

    Suffering with arthritis in your knees can be debilitating, causing serious issues that impact your ability to walk. You may try to get around using a cane or walker when your knees are hurting, which can cause them to become more inflamed and painful. You may not always be able to stand the pain without having some of support despite using a cane or walker. Learn more about the benefits of using an unloader brace for your arthritic knees.

  • A Few Reasons To Consider A Retirement Community Even When You Own Your Home

    11 April 2016

    If you are retired, healthy, and own your home, you may wonder why you should consider moving to a retirement community. The truth is, living in one of these communities is not about having someone there to remind you to take your medications or help you with your daily chores. That would be an assisted living type of arrangement. A retirement community is just that: a place where retired people go to live with only other retired people.

  • Three Ways To Reduce Or Avoid Light-Headedness After A Massage

    1 March 2016

    If you're thinking about getting a massage to deal with sore or stiff muscles, you should be aware that a common and usually harmless side effect of being massaged is light-headedness. This feeling can occur for a number of reasons, but it's still an unpleasant effect that you'd likely rather avoid. There are ways to reduce or eliminate your chance of feeling light-headed after a massage, and they're easy to do.

  • Understanding Physiotherapy Options For Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    4 January 2016

    When your doctor diagnoses you with carpal tunnel syndrome, he or she may recommend that you visit a physiotherapist to evaluate the condition and determine your best treatment options. Although severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome may require surgery, many patients can achieve symptom relief through physiotherapy treatments. Here are a few things you should know about physiotherapy and what it can do for your carpal tunnel condition. Carpal Tunnel Basics