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A Few Reasons To Consider A Retirement Community Even When You Own Your Home

by Janet Burns

If you are retired, healthy, and own your home, you may wonder why you should consider moving to a retirement community. The truth is, living in one of these communities is not about having someone there to remind you to take your medications or help you with your daily chores. That would be an assisted living type of arrangement. A retirement community is just that: a place where retired people go to live with only other retired people. So why sell or rent the home you have lived in for many years, and move someplace different where you have to pay a monthly rent? Here are just a few of the advantages.


You may have lost many of the friends you spent your adult life with due to moving out of state after retiring, moving in with older children, death, or even illness that leaves them unable to do the things you did together. When you no longer go to work or have children at home you lose the common places to find friends. Living in a retirement community not only provides you with a group of people to hang out with when you are feeling social, it also provides activities to become involved in together. This keeps you from becoming bored. It is also very good for your overall health to remain active, happy, and in different relationships.


Most retirement communities have security measures in place to keep unwanted people from getting into the area. This could be gates that require a fob for entry into communities with individual homes or multiple buildings, security cameras, and people watching out for each other. In addition, if you plan on traveling during your retirement, living in a community ensures that your home and belongings will be safe and secure when you return home.

Less Upkeep

Owning or renting a home on your own involves a lot of upkeep. You have to make sure the gutters stay clear, the lawn is mowed, any broken windows are repaired, and that you take care of many other small tasks that can be more difficult with age. When you live in a retirement community, all these tasks are done for you. All you have to do is keep your belongings picked up to your own standards. Many communities even offer a meal service so you do not have to do your own cooking if you do not want to.

If your family is suggesting you move to a retirement community like Communities Central Place Retirement, it is not because they feel you cannot take care of yourself any longer. It is because they want you to have the full, active life that you deserve and have worked so hard toward. They do not want you to have to stay home all the time and be constantly worried about home repairs. They love you and want you to be happy. You should at least hear them out and consider it.