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How Might A Naturopath Treat Common Warts?

by Janet Burns

Having a wart appear on your skin can be frustrating and even a little bit gross. The good news is that warts are quite treatable, and one of your best options is to see a naturopathic doctor for care. Naturopaths take a natural approach to medicine, and as it turns out, this can work quite well for warts. Here are some treatments your naturopath may administer or recommend.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that has a lot of skin-healing properties. People use it for everything from acne to ringworm, and it can also help heal a wart. The tea tree oil naturally kills pathogenic organisms. Since warts are caused by a virus, tea tree oil may help fight off the virus. Your naturopath will likely have you use it topically. You can rub it on and put a bandage over the wart, or you can use tea tree oil-infused patches made specifically for wart treatment. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another approach to wart treatment is to irritate the area. This essentially causes your immune system to "pay attention" and put more effort into healing the wart. Apple cider vinegar is a treatment that works in this way. Your naturopath may have you soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar solution and bandage it over the wart. If you leave it on for long enough, which may be up to a few weeks, you should find that the wart tissue softens and perhaps even falls off. You will need to change the cotton ball periodically.

Vitamin Supplements

Sometimes warts appear because your immune system is compromised and was unable to successfully fight off the invading virus. If your naturopath thinks this is the case for you, then they may recommend vitamin supplements for you to take. Vitamins C and E are the ones they are likely to focus on since they play key roles in immunity, but your naturopath may recommend additional vitamins based on your unique diet and health history. These vitamins can help strengthen your immune system so it is better able to fight the virus that is causing the warts. Usually, this treatment is used in combination with one of the others listed above.

Common warts can be annoying and uncomfortable. If you have one or more warts, make an appointment with a naturopath. They can examine you and recommend a natural treatment that works.