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Checking Out The Benefits Of An Unloader Brace For Arthritic Knees

by Janet Burns

Suffering with arthritis in your knees can be debilitating, causing serious issues that impact your ability to walk. You may try to get around using a cane or walker when your knees are hurting, which can cause them to become more inflamed and painful. You may not always be able to stand the pain without having some of support despite using a cane or walker. Learn more about the benefits of using an unloader brace for your arthritic knees.

An Unloader Brace Can Support Beneficial Support

Arthritis commonly affects the inner (medial) part of the knee. An unloader brace provides support that will take the pressure of weight off the medial part of your knee, where the pain usually radiates from. While you wear an unloader brace, the pressure of your weight is transferred to the outer part of your knee, providing you the support you need for being able to walk. Unloader braces are most effective at relieving your pain when only one side of your knee is affected by arthritic inflammation. Unloader braces are made with hinges that can be fastened to comfortably limit the motion of your knees.

Helping You Put Off Knee Surgery For Longer

Because of the support an unloader brace can provide for your arthritic knee or knees, you can delay surgery on them. One of the reasons you may require surgery is due to the damage caused by the constant wear and tear on your knees. An unloader brace helps to limit the movement in your knee, thus lowering the incident of wear and tear. For arthritis sufferers that are unable to have knee surgery for other health reasons or for financial reasons, the benefits of an unloader knee brace are great.

Your Unloader Knee Brace Can Help You Get Back Into Action

When you are unable to walk without severe pain, you are more likely to avoid social situations. When you start avoiding your friends and family because it hurts terribly to walk, you risk falling into depression that could be serious. If you are for some reason unable to have surgery for repairing your knee, you may feel trapped by your pain. The good news is that wearing an unloader brace can help you enjoy time out of the house with your friends and family, helping you regain a great deal of your independence.

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