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Nails At The Ready: 5 Steps To Healthy Fingernails

by Janet Burns

If you do not have manicures very often, the process of maintaining your nails might seem like a mystery. You might even be wondering if your nails are considered "normal." The truth is that healthy fingernails should be smooth, lacking the grooves that many nails happen to possess. Nails also offer no discoloration -- not even those tiny little white flecks, which are often caused by injury to the nail. Here, you will see a few ways you can take better care of your fingernails.

1. Look for unhealthy conditions.

Unhealthy nails are discolored, often with dark streaks showing up underneath the nail. The nails may also begin to curl. You should also be concerned if you notice that your nails are thinning or thickening, or especially if you see the skin separating from the nail. If you see any of these conditions developing, it is wise to speak with a doctor. You might find that the nails tell you more about your overall health than you realize.

2. Clean your fingernails regularly.

You might wash your hands on a regular basis, but it is best to pay extra special attention to your nails. Bacteria is easily trapped under your nails, resulting in growth. Plus, allowing your nails to stay wet can break them. Keep nail clippers or manicure scissors to trim your nails regularly to prevent bacteria growth.

3. Strengthen your nails.

Apply a layer of nail hardener on your nails regularly. This hardener typically looks like a bottle of nail polish. This protective layer is often necessary just once or twice each week.

4. Ask your doctor if you need biotin.

If you still have trouble keeping your nails healthy, it is wise to speak with your doctor about a nutritional supplement like biotin. This prevents brittle fingernails from breaking off.

5. Don't cut your cuticles.

Only a professional should be working with your cuticles. Trimming them yourself could lead to infections caused by fungus and bacteria. This may result in a much more serious condition. If you don't want to risk your nail's health, ensure that you are not picking at cuticles. Keep the nail beds clean and dry to prevent the cuticles from becoming loose.

After you have healthy fingernails, it is the perfect time to consider a manicure from a company like Exquisite Nails & Spa Ltd. Your nails will look fresh and fabulous with neat cuticles, added length and a bit of color.