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Benefits Of Independent Living Communities

by Janet Burns

For those seniors who are active and who want to maintain their independence, independent living communities might be exactly what the doctor ordered. Below are just some of the many benefits you can enjoy by choosing an independent living community.

Maintenance-Free Living

Independent living communities come in several different forms. Some have individual apartments within a large building, while others are individual family homes or town homes within the overall community. Regardless of which option you select, any maintenance fee is folded into your buy-in or monthly rent.

This means that indoor maintenance, outdoor maintenance and maintenance for any common areas or grounds are somebody else's concern. You won't have to mow the lawn, shovel snow, repair a broken water heater or deal with any of the other countless problems that come with owning a home.

An Active Social Life

Life in an independent living community is very similar to life at a college. Because of where you're living and the fact that you can now spend your time as you choose to, community social activities once again become a significant part of your life.

Independent living communities provide for this with planned activities and events that all the residents can participate in. This can include things like a visit to a local golf course, a shopping trip, cocktails in the dining room and movie night in the video room. The goal of the staff is to make certain that there is something going on that all the residents can enjoy.

All-Inclusive Rent

Many of the independent living communities you might consider are going to include things like television, phone, internet, electric, heat and water in your monthly rent. You won't have to keep up with all these various bills, which will make the beginning of each month a little less hectic.

Extra Amenities and Services

Having and regularly maintaining a fitness area or pool in a private home can cost a lot, but by living in an independent living community you can have easy and free access to these kinds of amenities because you will be sharing them with others. These communities often provide things like spas, pools, gyms, wellness programs and other facilities to help you stay fit and active. It's like living permanently at a resort.

Help If You Need It

While independent living communities are not nursing facilities, if something does happen to you there will be someone around to help. This is why many families are so relieved when their mom or dad decide to move into a community like Schlegel Villages Housing. That way, they don't have to be worried about what might happen if no one was there in an emergency.