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Fun Services Offered By Some Home Health Care Companies

by Janet Burns

As your parent ages and begins needing more help, he or she may agree to accept home health care services from a local agency. When this happens, you may want to actively take part in choosing a company for the services. As you do this, keep in mind the types of services your parent needs the most, and don't forget to think about other services the company may also offer.

Here are three additional services that may be highly beneficial, rewarding, and fun for your parent.

3. Playing Games

When searching for a home health care company to hire, you may want to look for one that offers companion care services. With these services, the worker that visits your parent will be willing to do all kinds of things with him or her, including playing games.

Your parent might enjoy playing card games or board games, or he or she may enjoy putting puzzles together. These activities generally require at least two people, and having a home care worker would be an ideal arrangement for any type of game.

2. Exercising

If your parent enjoys exercising, you might feel safer knowing that a home health care worker will be there doing it with your parent. This is not only a safer way for a senior to exercise, but exercising is often more fun when you have someone to do it with.

A worker could even bring exercise videos and equipment for their workouts, including small weights.

1. Activities

There are many other activities that seniors also may enjoy doing, but they may need someone to do these things with. This can include:

  • Gardening – This is a great activity for seniors; however, it can also be difficult too. Seniors may have trouble with mobility, or they may have aching hands that do not work well for pulling weeds or planting flowers.
  • Scrapbooking – If your mom or dad enjoys putting family pictures into albums, a home health care worker may agree to do this activity with him or her.
  • Crossword puzzles – Completing puzzle books is also fun for seniors, but there are times they may get stumped and need help finishing puzzles.

Some home health care companies do not provide additional services like the ones listed here, but other companies do. If these are important to you, look around for a company that offers standard services as well as additional ones like companion care services. To learn more, contact a company like Care 2000 Health Services with any questions you have.