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Activities That Are Best to Avoid After Hernia Surgery

by Janet Burns

Developing a hernia is painful, but having surgery to correct the issue will have you back to your regular activities before long. The severity of your hernia plays a role in the length of your recovery time, and you can expect your doctor to give you specific instructions on how much rest to take and how long to wait before you resume your everyday physical activities. You'll likely hear that vigorous exercise, for example, is critical to avoid for a certain amount of time, but you should also be aware that a handful of seemingly innocent activities may also be detrimental to your recovery. here are some activities that you should avoid after hernia surgery.

Lifting Objects

Lifting is one of the biggest no-nos after you've had surgery to repair a hernia. You'll likely know not to attempt to lift something extremely heavy, but you may overlook the need to stay away from lifting smaller, lighter objects, too. Now isn't the time to be a hero — while you may want to help your spouse unload the groceries by carrying even the lighter bags, doing so has the potential to complicate your recovery. It's best to avoid lifting anything for which you have to strain even to a slight degree. 

Bending Over

The act of bending can also be a concern post patients recovering from hernia surgery. Even if you aren't bending to pick something heavy up, the act of the bend itself can be harmful because of the internal pressure that you create during this movement. For example, many people hold their breath as they bend, which can be detrimental when you're recovering from surgery. You may wish to get help from a spouse or other family member for tasks that involve bending, such as putting on your socks and shoes, or picking up anything off the floor.

Sexual Intercourse

Many doctors will also advise against sexual intercourse following a hernia surgery. As with lifting and bending, this activity can strain your lower body, which may lead to complications with your recovery. The amount of time to avoid intercourse following your surgery depends on the severity of the original injury. In time, you'll be able to resume this activity, but your doctor may advise that you do so gently and be the passive partner in the exchange.

If you have any specific questions about other activities to avoid after your surgery, be sure to contact a doctor like those at Natural Tissue Hernia Repair Associates.