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Sports Massage: A Key Component In Injury Prevention

by Janet Burns

If you think that a massage is nothing more than a tool to induce relaxation, think again. Sports massage can be an invaluable part of any injury prevention program. People who are active on a regular basis need to be actively engaged in prehabilitation, or taking part in activities that prepare the body to withstand vigorous activity.

Regular sports massages can help heal any post-exercise trauma and ensure that your body is ready to perform at the highest level in the future.

Reduced Inflammation

Anytime the body is strained, the possibility for inflammation exists. Chronic inflammation can make you more susceptible to certain diseases, like arthritis. Massage can be beneficial by helping to reduce inflammation.

A skilled massage therapist has the ability to use manual manipulation of the muscles to help reduce inflammation. This means that you will experience less pain and eliminate major swelling caused by high levels of activity by getting a sports massage on a regular basis.

Increased Circulation

Many of the essential nutrients required for muscle recovery can be found in your body's blood supply. Increasing the flow of blood to vital areas can help to speed up recovery and strengthen muscles that might otherwise be fatigued.

A sports massage can be a great way to improve circulation throughout the body. The massage techniques used by a trained therapist can target injury-prone areas to help ensure minor aches and pains don't transform into more serious problems in the future.

Increased Flexibility

Flexibility is an important factor in injury prevention. The more supple and flexible your muscles are, the less likely it is that you will experience a sprain, a tear, or bruising as you engage in physical activity.

Think about a wet sponge. A wet sponge is much more flexible than a dry one. As a sports massage increases the circulation of blood to your major muscle groups, these muscles become more pliable. The muscles have more give, which allows them to absorb the stress of physical activity without breaking down.

Partnering with a licensed massage therapist for regular sports massages is a great way to improve your flexibility so that the likelihood of sustaining an injury will be greatly reduced.

Your local physical therapy center is a great place to find massage therapists who understand the unique relationship between massage and athletic performance. Implement sports massage into your injury prevention routine to help minimize the negative effects vigorous activity may have on your body in the future.

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