Recovering from Neck Pain

3 Chiropractic Techniques That Effectively Help Ease Neck Pain

by Janet Burns

Dealing with neck pain can be quite disturbing, and it may affect your life in various aspects. Anyone can develop neck pain no matter the age, and the problem could aggravate if you don't seek the right treatment in good time. Some of the causes of neck pain include poor desk posture, spending more time on your tablet or phone texting, carrying heavy handbags, incorrect gym techniques, poor sleeping positions, and whiplash.  However, most people don't know that neck pain can be best handled using chiropractic techniques. A competent chiropractor may use the following techniques to help relieve neck pain.

Gonstead Technique

Gonstead adjustment is a powerful chiropractic technique that most chiropractors use to treat neck pain. In fact, most chiropractors use it to diagnose the affected areas and relieve pain. If you have developed neck pain that doesn't seem to go away or have had it for a while now, seek help from a competent chiropractor. The chiropractic care expert will use this technique to locate the problematic area and adjust the problem before it causes severe inflammation or extends to other areas like the spine. 

Spinal Manipulative Technique

Here, the chiropractor moves your neck and head quite fast, targeting specific neck joints. In most cases, the technique targets the tender and fixed joints or even those that are somehow out of position. Although the technique involves a high-velocity thrust, it also incorporates low-amplitude movement that helps relax the affected joints and muscles. You may experience a "cracking" sound (joint cavitation) during manipulation as gases like carbon dioxide and oxygen get released from the neck joints.

Cervical Traction Approach

The chiropractor may also use the cervical traction method, depending on the condition of your neck. In fact, the chiropractor could also give you a device you could use at home to speed up the healing process. Sometimes the chiropractor will not use the static traction technique and instead use intermittent traction that's a bit more computerized. However, the kind of traction approach the chiropractor will use will depend on its comfort levels and your needs. 

So if your neck pain is getting severe, it's advisable to seek chiropractic care in good time. Although you could also take some medication to ease pain, chiropractic care helps you get to the bottom of the problem. Any of the above chiropractic techniques are more effective and reliable when it comes to treating neck pain. The chiropractor will first explain how these techniques work before they apply them. Contact a chiropractor for more information about neck pain treatment