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Can Botox And Fillers Work Alongside Each Other?

by Janet Burns

When people become dissatisfied with the way that their skin looks, they often start looking for cosmetic improvements. These searches often lead to both fillers and Botox injections. If you're curious about these methods of improving the appearance of your skin and want to know if you can get them together, then read on.

What Botox Does

Botox is an injectable substance that's designed to help prevent the development of new wrinkles, and to smooth out the ones that are already there. However, it's not a filler.

What Botox does so well is diminishes the amount that muscles contract in the area where it's injected. It doesn't keep you from moving the muscles in your face, it just softens the movement so that it doesn't reach as much of an extreme. Without these unintentionally extreme muscle movements, it helps to keep your face from making new wrinkles and can smooth out minor ones that are there because the muscles are overdeveloped in the region.

What Fillers Do

Fillers, on the other hand, have no impact on the muscles in your face. They're purely there to help give your skin a literal boost by pushing it up and outward again. In essence, fillers take the place of collagen that has been lost, or can be utilized to give you more of a boost if you've never been happy with the way that your skin looks. For example, fillers are often utilized to make cheekbones look more pronounced. By pushing the skin up and out, they can also help to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but have no impact on reducing the risk of future wrinkles.

How They Cooperate

The good news here is that both of these substances can work together and provide you with maximum benefits. Botox can be administered to help smooth out your existing wrinkles and prevent new ones. Then, filler can be used to help restore the skin to its old level of collagen, or to just provide a boost in areas where you feel your skin sags or isn't defined enough.

With these two substances at work, your skin will immediately look much brighter, younger, and fuller. As time goes on, the Botox will continue to do its work, further softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox and fillers work great together and are a fantastic way of improving your appearance without going under the knife. Talk to a cosmetic professional if you have more questions or want to get started.

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