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Job Positions That Warrant Level 3 First Aid Training

by Janet Burns

Understanding key first aid principles is paramount for a lot of industries today, especially those that involve a lot of safety hazards. One of the highest forms of first aid training is level 3 first aid. It's applicable to the following jobs.

Construction Supervisors

One of the more hazardous industries to work in today is construction. That's because there is a lot of moving equipment like tractors and cranes. Supervisors that monitor construction-related operations will need to go through level 3 first aid training so that they can respond to emergency situations when they occur.

For instance, if a worker accidentally smashes their hand in construction machinery, supervisors need to know how to respond from a medical standpoint. They need to treat the injury before sending the worker off to a medical facility. Level 3 first aid training can provide key knowledge for these situations.

Emergency Response Teams

When there are emergencies like people getting stuck in a building after a natural disaster, emergency response teams are sent out to provide assistance. These teams will need to go through level 3 first aid training because there probably will be people that have injuries.

This training helps these response teams remain calm under pressure and use first aid kits appropriately, whether it's to treat injuries, burns, or broken bones. As soon as the emergency response team shows up, they can begin treating injuries and thus provide a valuable service that otherwise might not be possible. 

Workers in Remote Locations

There are some occupations that occur in remote locations, where there aren't a lot of hospitals and urgent care centers around. Since access to healthcare facilities and services isn't readily available, these workers should receive level 3 first aid training.

Then even if something happens and they get injured in a remote part of the world, they can still treat themselves and heal. Even if this treatment is temporary, it's a lot better than going without treatment and having the injuries get worse over time. Then they can remain stable until they're able to receive professional treatment at a hospital.

There are a lot of dangerous positions today that leave workers exposed to injuries and accidents. Fortunately, level 3 first aid training is available to those that have these high-risk careers. As long as they take this training seriously and receive their certification, they'll be more prepared for emergency situations where prompt medical treatment is needed. This training just might save their life.