Recovering from Neck Pain

The Advantages Of Undergoing Physiotherapy To Heal Your Body Promptly

by Janet Burns

As a collegiate athlete, your everyday life can depend significantly on how well you can compete and whether or not you will be ready for the next game, match, or meet. You need to stay in the best physical condition so you avoid losing your standing on the team and potentially your scholarship that pays your tuition.

However, your ability to compete can depend as well on how quickly and effectively you heal from injuries like sprains and fractures. You may recover as quickly and thoroughly as possible by undergoing prompt physiotherapy.

Bearing Weight

When you suffer an injury like a broken bone or pulled tendon, you need to be able to put weight on the affected area as the injury heals. You do not want to wait for weeks or months before you attempt to bear weight on it. You need to strengthen and build up resistance in the injured area so you can return to competing quickly.

Your local physiotherapy clinic can help you bear weight gradually on your healing injury. The work you do in physiotherapy may be designed to prevent the injury from becoming more aggravated. It can also ensure you can put weight on the healing bone, tendon, or ligament without you experiencing pain or limited movement.

Avoiding Prescription Painkillers

Your school may also have a strict rule about its athletes not using controlled substances while competing. These substances may extend to painkillers that doctors prescribe to patients recovering from surgery.

You do not want to worry about passing a drug test or explaining to your coach why you have the presence of painkillers in your bloodstream. You may avoid having to use them when you undergo physiotherapy.

As you work out in physiotherapy, you may increase healthy blood flow to your injured area. You also might build up resistance and endurance in it and have to rely less on any kind of painkiller for relief.

Returning to Competitive Shape

Finally, physiotherapy can shorten the amount of time you spend benched and get you back out on the field, track, or court faster. You can resume your place on the roster and support your teammates by taking part in competitive play. 

Physiotherapy can serve a vital purpose when you are a competitive collegiate athlete. This type of therapy may allow you to heal faster and help you bear weight on the injured area. It may also help you avoid having to rely on painkillers for relief. Reach out to a local physiotherapy clinic to learn more.